Light & Switch Automation Ideas 💡

Please Note 📝

The ideas listed on this page do not necessarily have all the implementation details such as scripts, and code. This is a list of all possible automations for 'switch' category, and is purely meant to promote creative thinking among the home-automation enthusiasts 😂

If you think of any critical/obvious automations that are missing, or have better automations, please share here!

💡 Make switches timer enabled

Event/Trigger(s): 1. When a switch turned ON
Condition(s): 1. Timer Mode (an input boolean) is ON
Action(s): 1. Start the timer
Why do you need this automation?Smart switches can also be used as timer based switches. Once the switch is turned on, it starts the timer, and when the timer is elapsed, the switch is turned off. Combine this with motion sensors and other other data to make it more interesting!"

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