Getting Started

Welcome to the web site! This web site is dedicated to those awesome people, who think outside the box and come up with the craziest and the most creative ideas in the home automation space!. As the name suggests, this web site is focused more on “automations” aspect of the smart home world.

Smart Home, a.k.a Home Automation

Smart Home technology, also often referred to as "Home Automation", provides home owners security, comfort, convenience, energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices. This setup often requires a central Home Automation Server, a client device (mobile phone, or tablet), and a few other sensors/devices (motion sensors, smart appliances, home security system, smart door bell, video surveillance system...etc) that brings life and smartness to your home.

This web site has two major sections - DEVICES and AUTOMATIONS. The concept is extremely simple. You need a few devices to start your home automation journey, and the devices section will help you get started. Once you have some of those devices set up properly, they start producing tons of data. That's where the automations come into the picture!

The automations help you take actions based on certain events and state changes. For example, when you have a smart light bulb and a motion sensor, your automation can help you turn on the light when motion is detected. In this case, the "motion detected" is an event that triggers the automation, and "turning on the light" is the action that is performed. You can add additional conditions and make that automation run only under certain circumstances - like run this automation only when is it is dark inside.

So, a typical automation at least consists of three components if not more - Trigger, Action, and Condition. You can have multiple triggers, multiple conditions, and can perform multiple actions in a given automation. Once you understand this little concept, everything else becomes easy to follow!

The automations section basically captures those elements in-depth, by combining data coming from various sensors/devices with actions and conditions. The more devices you have the more combinations of automations you can write, and your smart home set up can quickly becomes much smarter!

This web site captures all the awesome automations in the above mentioned format (triggers, conditions, actions), and the same idea can be leveraged and implemented by many smart home products.

Good luck!