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camera · Chromecast – Stream Camera Live Feed to TV, Raspberry Pi or PC

Stream Camera Live Feed to TV, Raspberry Pi, or PC

Blog of Awesome Automations If you are looking to stream your live camera feed to your TV using simple steps, you've come to the right place!  Read More  »

scripts · automations – Passing list to Scripts from Automations

Passing a list as parameters to scripts

Blog of Awesome Automations Here is a simple way you can pass list items as parameters to scripts from an automations. The following automation calls a script, and passes a bunch of entity IDs as variable/parameters. Inside the script code, it retrieves the passed entity ids, and uses them to turn the lights off.  Read More  »

diy – DIY Surveillance System

DIY Surveillance system using Raspberry PI & Web Camera

Blog of Awesome Automations Do you want to convert your old web camera into a smart surveillance system? Learn how you can connect your old web camera to Raspberry Pi and make it a smart surveillance system here with full motion detection and video capture capabilities.  Read More  »

machine learning · image processing · camera – Using

Facial and Object Recognition

Blog of Awesome Automations Facial Recognition using machine learning. Use machine learning technology to see what's on your camera feed, and alert you when it finds something of interest to you!  Read More  »

homeassistant · camera – USPS Mail Automation

USPS Mail Integration With Home Assistant

Blog of Awesome Automations Integrate USPS mails into your smart home system, and alert/announce how many mails and packages you are expecting every day.  Read More  »